MAM 2021


Innovative Start-Up

Quattro Castella, Italia
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Sector of Activity

Advanced Mobility - Defense Technology
Innovative Start Up internationally oriented, flexible in providing customized solutions to clients, dedicated to peer to peer communication in ecrypted environment for video/audio/ data sharing at the lowest bandwidth, for professional users. Combat scenes can be managed by the command center even 10.000 km far away where the soldiers/ actors are.

Our Project

Our project is to provide a 360 degree service and hardware for a wearable solution to ensure real time video/ audio/ data collaboration between operators and command desk, even at unlimited distance and given a minimum bandwidth of 65 Kilobits/second. This gives the possibility for operators to share their commanders what exactly they are watching and targeting, and to commanders to take quick and more sharped decisions for actions. As black box, sessions are recorded therefore in case of mistakes responsibilities are easy to be found.

Our Product

It is a small wearable computer device with versatile antennas and connectors for any kind of instruments from cameras, thermo cameras, sensor of any kind. Provided with head phones, microphones and head camera. An added camera or thermo camera is provided in a small pad for sharing documents or share video or images. Battery pack for 12 hours working time without the need of charge, All IP68.